Ach So! to record and annotate videos on Android

The Ach so! tool allows users to record and annotate videos using Android devices. The tool was designed with construction workers in mind. Videos can be connected to real world objects by linking them to a nearby QR-code or barcode. The app also displays the videos linked to the QR-tag. The AchSo! application is available in Google Play:

AchSo! from Media Lab Helsinki on Vimeo.

Ach so! links into the SeViAnno cloud services running in the i5Cloud. Videos are stored in i5Cloud and semantic annotation data is handled by SeViAnno. We are currently improving the ‘hands free’ recording feature by integrating the app with wearable cameras and by adding peer production features.

SeViAnno is a video annotation tool for peer production that runs both on Android and on Web browsers. It enables collaborative video annotation for disambiguation of videos through semantic annotations and runs on top of the Learning Layers infrastructure, which includes the i5Cloud, a hybrid cloud platform offering scalable services such as transcoding, streaming, storage, etc. Further plans involve integration activities with other Layers systems such as the metadata platform Social Semantic Server.

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