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The LAYERS Help Seeking tool for the Healthcare sector

10/06/2014 by

Layers: The Help Seeking tool in the Healthcare sector The Learning Layers Wp2 team ran two workshops in April and May 2014 with one of the Layers GP Practices (Yorkshire, UK) to co-design with them a tool to support their own Professional Learning Network (the Help Seeking tool). The goal of the workshops was to show, explore & co-design Social Media tools (existing ones and our functional prototypes) and discuss with the participants the potential, benefits and limitations of these systems.  Separate sessions were designed for the Practice Managers and Data Quality Leads and for the Nurses, so that we could explore how best to support each network. Workshop 1( 16th April): “Social Networks for improving your professional networking skills” Introduction to professional existing networking tools – LinkedIn. Discuss the uses and benefits of using professional networking tools. Support group in setting up profiles on LinkedIn. Discuss what the group

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