Reflect App – record impressions and insights for Android

The first prototype app we want to showcase is the Reflect App for Android phone and tablet. Workplace learners can record their impressions and insights from meetings and training events and share these with their colleagues. The original idea came from talking with a doctor in the UK at a Learning Layers workshop. The app was developed by students from HsKA Karlsruhe in Germany under the guidance of the Pontydysgu research and development team.

The key idea behind the Reflect app is to offer support for reflection through voice interactions, which allows for hands-free operation. Users can record their reflection sessions which are transcribed by the system. The transcriptions can be accessed via website and send via e-mail or can be downloaded as text files for further processing. Users can then include the text in personal note-taking or task management tools.

We provide an API for easy integration of Reflect capability within third party applications.

You can download the Reflect app from the Google Play Store:

Read more of the Reflect app.

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