T8.1 Dissemination and Exploitation

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Executive Summary

Deliverable 8.1 gives an overview of the boards and dissemination and exploitation activities in Learning Layers project. The deliverable has strong ties with deliverable 7.1, where the stakeholder engagement, business models and best practice guidelines are thoroughly explained. Therefore, in D 8.1 we refer to those issues elaborated in other deliverables and rather focus on presenting overview of actions and resources created as part of WP 8 tasks.

The Introduction chapter describes the main goals of the WP 8. WP 8 works in close relationship with WP 7, the chapter presents the main interrelations between different tasks. It also gives an overview of the dissemination and exploitation goals during different phases of the project. Chapter 2 introduces boards, committees and stakeholder networks that Learning Layers project uses for maintaining its main dissemination and exploitation goals. The chapter gives an overview of their formation (External Advisory Board, Stakeholders’ Network, Internal Executive Committee) and management. In the beginning of this chapter the roadmap of the tasks related with bodies is presented for years 1 and 2. The chapter provides an overview of the role of stakeholders’ network (SN) for the project. However, since it is a task that is shared partially with WP7, the engagement with SN is described in D.7.1.

The Annex I, related with this chapter, provides the lists of contacted stakeholders among different target groups of the project and the open collaboration and going forward with them. The Annex 1 of the deliverable, that provides the stakeholder contacts, is not public for privacy reasons. The chapter gives an overview of our plans how to engage with stakeholders using the newsletter and stakeholders’ workshops. Chapter 3 is dedicated to the Dissemination tasks. The chapter gives an overview of the tasks related with the first two project years and provides information about the engagement events with different target groups of the project as well as of the dissemination knowledge distributed through website and through other social media channels due to partner’s contributions.

The chapter also describes the general dissemination materials of the project (templates for flyers etc.). Annexes II and III provide additional information about sitemap of the website and style-guide of the promotional materials. The chapter ends with a list of dissemination activities for year 2 for healthcare and construction sector and the list of project offerings, however, these offerings are in-depth described in D. 1.1, 2.1, 6.1. and 7.1.

Chapter 4 gives an overview of the Exploitation tasks in the project. It provides the roadmap of the exploitation tasks for years 1 and 2. It describes the activities, processes and goals related to developing the exploitation plan for the year 2 deliverable. The chapter contains the executive summary of the review of the work-based training market and successful business models and market niches for the technology that will be finished by the end of the project year. The chapter also gives an overview of the IPR rights’ for the project. As part of the chapter we describe the state of art and the plans related to project’s training activities. The deliverable summarizes the lessons learned about bodies, dissemination and exploitation.

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